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Missing Teeth solutions with Dental Implants in Brick, NJ


Get your Smile back with Dental Implants in Brick, NJ

Whether you’re missing a single tooth or all of your uppers or lowers, Cambridge Dental in Brick, NJ should be your first choice. We offer the most advanced technology available for installing dental implants. That means you can count on them lasting a long time, and you can also expect the procedure to be comfortable.

Because dental implants are a long-term solution, they may last your entire lifetime, provided that you take good care of them.

Contact us right away to setup an initial consultation, so we can be sure you’re a good candidate for dental implants. As long as you have sufficient jawbone available to support the dental implants, you should be eligible. Once the implants are in place, you’ll be able to smile again without feeling self-conscious.

You’ll also have peace of mind, knowing that your dental implants are contributing toward your oral health. By filling in the gap where your missing teeth used to be, the implant will be providing support for all your other teeth. 

Once again, you’ll be able to chew and bite foods without difficulty and without any mishaps. For most people, dental implants provide the ideal solution when one or more teeth have been lost permanently.

About Our Implants Dentists in Brick, NJ

According to the American Dental Association, all general dentists are allowed to perform dental implants. However, in actual practice, some dentists will refer to specialists who routinely perform the dental implant surgery. In these cases, the specialist will generally consult with a general dentist about where to place the implants.

After they have been installed and have healed, the general dentist will prepare the crowns that go on the implants. At Cambridge Dental in Brick, NJ; all of our dental specialists are well-qualified to install dental implants. This means you can count on top-notch professionalism when you have your dental implants installed.

What to Expect?

  • As any skilled dental implant dentist can tell you, the procedure replaces tooth roots with screw-like posts.
  • After these have been installed, missing teeth are replaced with artificial teeth that look and perform like the originals.

Dental implant surgery is a very appealing alternative to wearing dentures or having bridgework installed.

  • Unlike those other options, dental implants are solidly anchored to the jawbone, and will not move around. This in fact, is one of the major advantages of having dental implants installed.
  • They provide the most solid support for your new teeth, because your jawbone actually grows right around the installed posts.
  • Since the posts are generally made of titanium, they are very biocompatible, and literally grow to become part of the jawbone.

Benefits of Dental Implants over other Missing Tooth treatments

The artificial root structure supports your jaw bone, preventing your face from shrinking and appearing older.
The implant is stable, comfortable, and can last a lifetime.
This treatment is for everyone, regardless of age. In fact, health is the primary determining factor rather than age, as certain chronic conditions may interfere with your candidacy for dental implants.

At most dental practices, the implant team consists of a periodontist, an oral / maxillofacial surgeon, a prosthodontist and a general dentist for the placement of the implant and design of the restorative attachment – often at different dental offices. 

At Cambridge Dental Group, however, we perform the entire procedure in-house for your convenience and peace of mind.

Why Dental Implants Are so Effective

While dental implant are not the only option for tooth replacement, they are quickly becoming the most popular option. Dental implants stack up very well against the other alternatives, from almost any standpoint you evaluate them. In terms of support, they are top-of-the-line, because they actually are fused with the jawbone. From the standpoint of cost, they are often less expensive than other procedures. It’s even possible to replace all upper or lower teeth by simply inserting four posts in your mouth.

This results in a significant saving to the patient, as well as having a really good support system in your mouth. In terms of longevity, nothing beats dental implants. Bridges can be difficult to floss, and that means they will only last five or 10 years at the most. Dentures don’t really feel like a natural part of your mouth, and can cause discomfort when eating. They can also interfere with your normal speech in some cases. Dentures will only last about 7 to 15 years. By contrast, when dental implants are properly cared for, they can last a lifetime.

Dental Implants near Me in Brick, NJ

You’ll probably find a whole slew of dental practices nearby when you google, ‘dental implants near me’. This doesn’t mean you should just choose the first one on the list and assume you’ll get great service. To be sure you’ll get proper care during your implant procedure, you should check with patients who have actually used a specific dental practice. Read online reviews from previous patients to get their feedback on any experiences they had with a particular dental practice.

We think when you do this, you’ll find that Cambridge Dental of Brick, NJ compares very favorably to any of our competitors. Contact Us at your convenience, so we can setup an initial consultation to discuss your requirements. You’ll be impressed by the professionalism and knowledge of our dental practitioners. You’ll also love the results after we’ve installed your dental implant, and you can smile confidently again.

The dental implant procedure is as follows:

  1. We take an X-ray to determine whether your jaw bone structure is sufficient for holding the implants.
  2. We create custom models of your mouth to ensure precise measurements for tooth restoration, as meticulous planning ensures ideal results.
  3. Through a surgical procedure, the implants are fitted into the empty spaces in your jaw.
  4. After a period of fusion and healing, from 2 to 6 months, we attach an abutment to the implant that will hold the restoration in place.
  5. Finally, we cement the dental crown or other restoration onto the abutment for a natural-looking end result.

By restoring the full functionality and appearance of your smile, dental implants improve your physical and emotional well-being, thereby enhancing your quality of life!

If you would like to experience the difference of dental implants in Brick, NJ, please do not hesitate to contact Cambridge Dental Group today and schedule an appointment.

Why Choose Dr. Isaac Perle

35+ Years Clinical Experience
Chosen NJ TOP DENTIST 2017
TOP 2% of US Invisalign Dentists
1000+ Invisalign Cases Completed
Former Clinical Instructor at Harvard University
School of Dental Medicine & Forsythe Dental Center
Graduate of the Prestigious University of Pennsylvania
Will Get On The Phone and Speak to You Directly Without an Appointment
  • I had BriteSmile done. My husband had gone to Dr. Perle’s office for the same treatment; he’s gone a couple of time, so he actually referred me. I felt very confident they knew what they were doing. They were professional, the doctor was nice, and the woman who did it explained everything. It worked out very well. I would do it again.
    Ann Shapiro
  • My name is Aaron Bickel and they reattached a bridge that had fallen out. I found them to be knowledgeable about the procedure and he explained everything before he did it and did a good job and did what he needed to do. They got back to me very quickly which was good, it was at night on a Saturday. Everything went well. I would recommend them.
    Aaron Bickel
  • My name is Martin McManus. I am a patient of Dr. Perle’s; I have been for a year and a half. Dr. Perle is very efficient and his staff is very good and friendly. We had a midterm correction which Dr. Perle was very professional about. I am very happy with Invisalign and I am very happy with Dr. Perle. I would recommend him to anybody.
    Martin McManus

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