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Denture Stabilization

You have lost teeth and replaced them with dentures. Amazing: You can smile again without having to cover your mouth! Yet how is your chewing ability? Are your dentures moving around despite the “glue” that you use to keep them in place? If you are looking to secure your dentures in Brick, NJ, your ideal solution is to visit Cambridge Dental Group for the stabilization procedure.

What is Denture Stabilization?

As you wear your denture, you gradually lose the bony structure that supports your soft tissues, i.e., your gums. Because your soft tissues actually make contact with your dentures, they will also begin to recede over time. This leaves you in a constant state of discomfort and difficulty with important everyday functions like speaking, chewing and especially smiling.

When you come in for your denture stabilization, your dentist will place a few implants in strategically chosen areas in your jaw bone to hold your dentures permanently in place.

The Benefits of Implant-Supported Dentures:

Implant Supported Dentures:
Provide tremendous support and fixation, allowing you to speak, smile and chew your food with confidence.
Prevent your upper and lower jaw bone from receding, which in turn prevents facial shape changes like the “shrunken,” older look.
Perfect option for patients who have lost of their teeth but do not want to go through the expense of obtaining individual tooth implants.

After placing the implants into your jaw bone, we will adjust your dentures to ensure they attach to the implants. In one simple procedure, all the discomfort of dentures can be entirely eliminated! There is overwhelming evidence that stabilized dentures should be the first choice standard of care for denture wearers, and we will be happy to provide them for you. In fact, studies show that even patients with some bone loss can benefit from denture stabilization.

If you are considering implant-supported dentures in Brick, NJ, please do not hesitate to contact us at Cambridge Dental Group today to schedule an appointment with our team of dentists.

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