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150+ 5 Star reviews
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Visiting us for the first time? Please use the convenient map below to help you easily find our dental office. If you click on our location, you can even get precise directions from your home or workplace.

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Visiting us for the first time? Please use the convenient map below to help you easily find our dental office. If you click on our location, you can even get precise directions from your home or workplace.

Do You Need a Dentist in Brick, NJ?

Yes, you do need a dentist in Brick, NJ, because that's an essential component of maintaining good oral health, and good general health as well. When you enjoy good health, you're much more inclined to get out and enjoy all the amazing attractions in your area, in this case the Ocean County Gold Course at Forge Pond, the Ocean County Park, the Metedeconk Recreation Area, or the Windward Beach Park. People in poor health tend to stay at home much more, and try to medicate their issues away. If you don't have a primary dentist already in Brick, NJ, by all means, contact us at Cambridge Dental Group, so we can begin providing you with the expert dental care you need.

What Types of Services Do We Offer?

Starting with biannual check-ups and examinations, we can provide you with all the modern dentistry procedures you might need in your lifetime. Those check-ups are more important than they might seem, because they really do provide the cornerstone of your foundation for good oral health. At these check-ups, any signs of disease or other developing issues will be detected by your dental professional, and steps can be taken to manage them. If you've already lost one or more teeth, we can provide you with several options for replacement, including crowns, bridges, or dental implants, and these will look and feel just like your normal teeth, after you've practiced using them a while.

You may have some misaligned teeth or some crooked ones, and we can help you straighten out any issues like this through orthodontics. You can opt for traditional metal braces, or choose the more modern clear aligner trays that are virtually undetectable in your mouth. When the braces or aligners have accomplished their work, you'll have much better looking teeth, and they will probably be much more functional as well. If you'd like to obtain a better smile, we can help with that also, since we provide a number of cosmetic dentistry options that are specifically designed to achieve that. Teeth whitening and dental veneers are a couple of the more popular options available for achieving a whiter and brighter smile.

Are You Overdue for Dental Care?

If you haven't had a dental check-up and examination within the last six months, then yes, you are overdue for dental care. The six-month period is not an arbitrary figure, because that's about the length of time it takes for plaque and tartar to begin forming around your teeth and causing problems with your oral health. When you attend your regular check-up, all that nasty plaque and tartar will be removed, and that will virtually eliminate the risk of gum disease forming, as well as the possibility of cavities forming among your teeth.

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