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Dental CT Scan

We use state-of-the-art technology including Dental CT Scanners to ensure the optimum results in patient care.

We use a Dental CT Scanner to get a complete picture of the patient’s underlying bone and tissue when evaluating for dental implants.

This state-of-the-art-technology shows a detailed, 3-dimensional cross section of the area being scanned. In conjunction with standard X-rays it provides necessary information for safe and efficient treatment planning.

Getting a CT scan is easy, quick and comfortable. Patients stand allowing for their natural posture and jaw positioning

Why 3D CAT Scan?

The CAT Scan Enhances the Way Dentists See Their Patients

Surgical Predictability – Gives dentists the complete anatomical information on bone and pathology prior to surgery, resulting in less trauma and predictable surgical outcomes.

Navigational Predictability – The anatomically accurate iages allow dentists to successfully create surgical plans and surgical guides prior to surgery.

Distortion-Free Measurements – Accurate 3-D images used to create precise treatment plans leading to the most accurate treatment plans and successful surgical procedures.

Work Flow – The scanning takes only 20 seconds and, within minutes, the data is transferred to the workstation computer for the dentist to begin diagnosis and treatment planning

3D CAT Scan Benefits for the Patient

  • The CAT Scan offers the highest level of surgical predictability, resulting in successful surgical outcomes for patients.
  • Lower patient cost than a medical CT and over ten times less radiation compared to a medical CT.
  • A quick and easy 20-second scan produces the most anatomically accurate 3-D images of the mouth, face, and jaw.
  • An open-environment scan increasing the patient’s comfort level.
  • Reduces surgery time.
  • The in house 3D CAT Scan helps patients avoid hospital visits and multiple appointments.
  • Within minutes of the i-CAT scan, dentists are able to offer patients an immediate virtual diagnosis and treatment plan-all in one visit.
  • The 3-D data can easily be shared with a patient’s periodontist, oral surgeon, orthodontists, , or medical practitioner using free Software.
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